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Sand being placed onto a plate that’s vibrating at 345hz, 1033hz, and 1820hz.

As the plate vibrates at these certain frequency’s, areas of no vibration are created. The sand falls into those areas and creates these amazing geometric patterns. 

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One of the most complex mathematical tattoos I have ever mapped freehand on my client who is an optical physicist who now flies and tests military helicopters.


This is the inFORM Dynamic Shape Display from MIT. And it may be gypsy magic.

There’s a Kinect camera watching the demonstrator, tracking his movements, when are then transferred to a computer, which sends to an array of pillars, which move up and down accordingly using actuators.

You can use it to transfer the actual movements of your hands, so you could remotely handle objects, like in the first 2 gifs, or you can use it for 3-D modelling like in the other two, like how he uses gestures to pull a cube of the table.

Basically it’s the crazy map from the first X-Men, or the first generation of Fitz and Simmons holotable in Agents of SHIELD. Imagine what you could with this, remote handling of hazardous materials, actually 3-D movies, conference calls that could actually project what you’re doing.

The future is awesome.